Preserving and archiving information related to local rail transit systems in Metro Vancouver.

Knowledge Base

We maintain a comprehensive knowledge base of historical and technical information related to the SkyTrain system. Topics include technical descriptions of safety systems, terminology, and logs of past incidents.

Want to contribute? Reach out to [email protected] for more information, or join our Discord community.

Vehicle Database

We maintain an extensive database of SkyTrain cars, detailing critical attributes such as the car number, manufacturing details, and its current status - if it's in use, under repair, or scrapped. We are currently working on adding data about married pairs, any notable markings on the car, build plate details, and even snapshots of the cars.

Discord Community

Our Discord server is a thriving hub of SkyTrain enthusiasts across Canada. We  welcome respectful discussion and knowledge sharing about every aspect of SkyTrain. We also invite users to submit their photos.

Want to support our mission?

Thank you! There are multiple ways to support us, even just contributing to Discord discussions or writing pages for our knowledge base means a lot to us.